KICHHUDIN - A Musical Short Film By Timir Biswas



His profound faith in LOVE & FAITH is reflected in his music. A concoction of an innovative mind and an unconventional voice, Timir loves to express himself through music.

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Hitting the Right Notes

Timir’s onset into the world of music was not a smooth one. As a toddler, Timir could mimic the tunes of TV ads. However, his talent in music was completely discouraged by a certain Guruji. Though music had stayed away from him for years, destiny had something in plan for him. His seniors in college made him sing as a part of ragging. And music and Timir were once again together. Finally, taking the toughest call, he quit studies to focus on music. Timir joined Muzik Street as a keyboardist and later took up the role as the vocalist of the band. He was immensely praised by Nachiketa Chakraborty when Timir opened a gig for him. Muzik Street had gained much of Asansol’s attention when they participated in Band-e-Mataram. Muzik Street had Aninyda and Upal of Chandrabindoo as their mentors, completely unaware of the fact that a few years later, the same duo would give Timir a chance to debut in playback. Timir’s unconventional voice was praised by eminent musicians with Jeet Ganguly honoring him with the title of Bryan Adams of Bengal. Gradually Timir shifted his base to Kolkata and formed and joined Fakira while simultaneously increasing the number for playbacks to his name. With his unadulterated support for independent music and a mentor to newbies, Timir Biswas is now a sensation and a well-known face in the music industry.

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Concert Line Up

The Timir Biswas Live (TBL)

On 17 June 2015 Timir for the first time went solo on stage. On the eve of the anniversary celebration of 4th Bell Theaters, the theatre group organized the show Timir Biswas Live (TBL) at Gyan Manch. It was the first time where Timir performed his playback numbers live in a concert. The show witnessed many popular faces of the Bengali film and music industry viz. Chaitali Dasgupta, Ujjaini, Satadal and Gabu. Praises showered in for Timir post the show. Henceforth TBL has been immensely popular and has performed in numerous concerts in college fests etc.


Post Muzik Street, Timir shifted his base to Kolkata owing to the various offers for playback and other solo works, it being difficult for him to continue his work from Asansol. In Kolkata, he met with one of his friend from Asansol, guitarist, composer and a member of the band Desh, Chayan Chakraborty. Their alike interest in Folk Music led them into research and working more with folk songs. Gradually Abhinaba, Kunaal and the famous percussionist, drummer Bunty joined them to form the band Fakira. Currently, Abhinaba is studying Music in Mumbai while Apurba Das has taken up the role of guitarist in the band. They have released an album titled Itorpona and are currently working with Bengali folks and has plans to work on root music, around the globe.