Ondho Premik

Ondho Premik

Timir, after posting a series of 17 social media posts containing couplets of lyrics, announced that Ondho Premik his first Solo album would be coming soon to the audience. On 3 August, Timir revealed the details about the album on social media. Ondho Premik as cited by Timir is suppposed to contain 6 love stories in form of 6 songs. The lyrics are penned by Rajib Chakraborty. Ashu-Abhishek composed the music for the album.


Ashu-Abhishek (a well known music director duo) and Timir have known each other for four years and have worked on various projects including Zee Bangla Song Connection, but almost all of them were client based. However, all of them had an urge to work on an album independently, with their own understanding and expression of music. However, things kept on getting pushed and nothing was actually taking shape. They had initially arranged many sittings to discuss the same, but little did anything fruitful turn out.

The entire team of Ondho Premik first got together for a show called Poetry on Celluloid hosted by a popular RJ of Kolkata, Raja Das. They created a song titled Bhalobashar Jawr (penned by Rajib Chakraborty) for that show. With this song, they realized that Bhalobashar Jawr was the kind of songs that they actually wanted to work on. With this, the decision to work on an album together, was taken unanimously. They decided to meet at Rajib’s place.

Ondho Premik

As usual, like the earlier meetings, Ashu and Timir were not aware of what was going to take shape from this meeting. Abhishek was out of town when this meeting took place. However, at the meeting they find out that Rajib has already written 8 songs for the album and all of them were production ready content. At this point of time, other members of the team became serious and work on the album began.

Yet Ondho Premik was not progressing ahead as Ashu-Abhishek were stuck in their other projects. Finally one fine night, accompanied by heavy downpour, the duo created the first track of the album Bandhobi Mon. Henceforth, after various sittings, planning etc. the team finally hit the studios on 25 August 2016 and finished recording on 6 September 2016. The Drums have been played by a friend of Ashu, Vinayak Mahadevan and was recorded by Jonathan at The Sound House Studio in California. The album was recorded at Sonic Solutions (vocals) and Post Production(Music), Kolkata. The album was mixed by a close friend of Timir, Shubhodeep, in Mumbai.

The album released (first time for a Bengali album to pre-release on digital media) on digital platforms on 15 October 2016 through a facebook live session. The album (released by Inreco) release will be held at Princeton Club on 27 October accompanied by a special performance by Fakira. The album consists of the following six tracks:

1. Chole Bole Koushole
2. Ondho Premik
3. Bandhobimon
4. Niruddesh
5. Bhalobashar Jwor
6. Ekshow Aath

On 19 November 2016 the Music video for Ondho Premik was released on YouTube by Indian Records Video Channel. The video, produced in association with the 4th Bell Theaters, has already garnered more than 50,000 views. The video directed by Aniruddha Dasgupta and edited and colored by Alok Chowdhury, features Timir, Ashu, Abhishek, Rajib, Chayan, Sagar, Prarthita, Mahua, Aritra, Ritwick, Satyaki, Asim, Shreya, Dipanwita and Kallol. The post production activities were carried out by Kolkata Videos.