A Musical Shortfilm By Timir Biswas


Vocal – Timir Biswas
A song by – Soumik Das (Gyana)
Piano – Rahul Sarkar
Arrangement – Sagar Chatterjee, Timir Biswas
Sound Engineering – Goutam Basu
Mix & Mastering – Adeep Singh Manki
DOP – Soumik Das
Color Grading – Ritajit Ray Chaudhury
Music On – UD series
Digital Partner : Bengal Web Solution

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Timir Biswas is a playback singer, songwriter, composer and the lead singer of the band Fakira. His father Swapan Biswas being a theatre actor, Timir always had a bent towards acting. “Kichhudin”, the short film features his love for this genre of art.

The film unfolds the life of some old men and women who reside at an old age home. Old age home reminds us of a place devoid of hope and smile. But Timir has contrived the story against a tollay different background. The grandson and a new lady boarder personify the ray of hope in ‘Godhuli’. The film ends in a fascinating note suggesting that life grey hair does not symbolize the end of life. A positive message – “life and love find their own way” is capable of winning hearts with joy.

The song “Kichhudin” has been beautifully written and composed by Soumik Das (Gyana) who is also the DOP of this film. This is a joint venture produced by Timir and Soumik.