Fakira: New Sensession of Bengali Folk

Post Muzik Street, Timir shifted his base to Kolkata owing to the various offers for playback and other solo works, it being difficult for him to continue his work from Asansol. In Kolkata, he met with one of his friend from Asansol, guitarist, composer and a member of the band Desh, Chayan Chakraborty. Their alike interest in Folk Music led them into research and working more with folk songs. Gradually Abhinaba, Kunaal and the famous percussionist, drummer Bunty joined them to form the band Fakira. Currently, Abhinaba is studying Music in Mumbai while Apurba Das has taken up the role of guitarist in the band. They have released an album titled Itorpona and are currently working with Bengali folks and has plans to work on root music, around the globe.

The current line up is:

Timir Biswas: Vocals and Keyboard
Chayan Chakraborty: Guitar and Backing Vocals
Apurba Das: Guitar
Kunaal Biswas: Bass and Backing Vocals
Avirup Das (Bunty): Drums and Percussion

After visiting various ashrams and akhras they have started their research in folk songs and have blended them with elements of rock. Some of their folk arrangements has already gained immense popularity online. Some of them are Chander Gaye Chand, Nizamuddin Auliya, Tyangra, Golemale Pirit, Somoy Gele Shadhon, Bhromor Koyo Giya and many more.They have toured Bangladesh to feature in an Eid Special 4-hour-long episode of Air Wick Phono Live Studio Concert in ETV. Other than this they have performed at various college fests and other notable social events. Timir, Chayan and Abhinaba have also worked for music of the 4th Bell Theaters production 15 Minutes To Fame & Nobel Chor. In 2013 October, Fakira went international and performed at Hartford, Columbus, Tampa and Chicago.

In July 2015, Fakira featured in Caller Gaan in Desh TV, a popular TV channel of Bangladesh.